Students will learn the basics of character, plot and theme and how each must work together to create a memorable narrative. Biblical principles and symbolism will be reflected on and discussed in relation to the themes, whether or not the characters and plot at hand are of a Christian nature. This will aid writers in creating characters that can function within the secular world whilst maintaining subtle Christian values, without overstating.


The 4 Actions of Activity, Barrier, Objective and Super Objective are the key foundations in the writing classes. 


Classes include: 


Narrative Design


The student will learn the basic elements required for designing a fully rounded narrative that bears subtle Christian themes. These elements include Structure, Genre, Theme, Symbolism, World Building, Relevancy and Character. The student will learn the necessity to tell a story rather than writing purely out of desire.  


Students will begin by writing scenes, then progress to short form narratives and eventually to full feature length screenplays and stage plays.  


Prayer Composition


Our Lord Jesus used many forms of prayer, most notably the ‘Our Father’ prayer. Yet Jesus always prayed with intention and to bear witness to the heavenly Father. Much like performance is communication to an audience, prayer is our communication to God. It is vital to know how to pray, not only for our requests, but in servitude to our Lord. 


The student will compose a prayer that will not only illustrate their request and desires, but their own Super Objective in how they believe they should altruistically serve the Lord. 


Symbolism - Understanding good and evil


All too often, Christian screenwriters and filmmakers hesitate to fully portray the extent of evil on screen or on stage. This is perhaps due to the fear that it could lead to temptation and sin. However, under strict guidance, evil must be understood and dutifully portrayed. This is by no means honouring evil, but it is demonstrating a true and realistic portrayal of the battle of good and evil. 

Due to the divine qualities of good and evil, students will be tasked with writing a fairy tale/fantasy short piece with Christian overtones. This abstract approach will allow students to understand subtext, the powerful use of thematic writing and Christian symbolism in the secular world. 




Using the 4 Actions, writers will create duologues for actors from the acting classes. Writers will be invited to the acting classes to observe the actors. The duologues will be directed by the directing students in the Master Classes.