Acting classes are based on the Stanislavski method with a Christian approach. 

Classes include: 


Sense Memory Exercises 


Sense memory is the remembering, by the five senses of the sensory, impressions experienced by the student in their everyday life. These impressions are stored in their subconscious. The student will learn to recall these sensory impressions from the subconscious by concentrating on the stimuli associated with them. 


For example: If the student meditates on their favourite food as a child, their mouth may water as they recall the pleasant sensations associated with the food.  


Emotional Memory Exercises 


Emotional memory is the recalling and use of the student’s own emotions for the purposes of a memory that is reenacted as an exercise. The student is encouraged by God’s grace to the safe reenactment of the memory in order to develop their emotions for use in the portrayal of a character. 


Emotional memory exercises are centred on three distinct emotions that the student will focus on. For example, if the student chooses the memory of the loss of a loved one, they will focus on emotions of grief, anger and hope.     


Emotional memories are structured as duologues, where the other participating student portrays a person from the main student’s past in order to elicit the emotions. 


The purpose of the Sense and Emotional Memory exercises is to aid the student to develop a vocabulary of senses and emotions when portraying a character.


Character Classes 


Students will demonstrate the understanding of the 4 Actions of Activity, Barrier, Objective and Super Objective in a scene. These scenes may take the form of:


Monologues - The student will use the 4 Actions within the context of a monologue  


Duologues - The student will use the 4 Actions within the context of a duologue with a fellow student  


Previous Circumstances - The student will create a scene that does not exist within the narrative of a pre-existing character yet still adheres to that character’s super objective and emotions. 


Testament - The student will create a scene that demonstrates the definitive moment or a moment in which they fully embraced Christ. This exercise will link the development of their faith towards the development of their unique talents.